Who’s better than us?

What the …

             Would you let this guy build your website?

It all starts here …


We started this little gang a few years ago, coming together over a few cigars and this and that.

We have formed our “famiglia” without sponsorship or advertisers. We like what we like and we’ll tell you about it.

Everything from food, cigar friendly restaurants, drinks, other fun places to be .. Oh yea .. and cigars!

We have a few odds and ends you can order up, You can join our family or branch off on your own. The initiation isn't so bad and the vig wont set you back a years pay.

Our intent is to inform, we will provide information on a global scale, where to stay, where to eat and where to enjoy your favorite smoke when you are overseas.


We’re just startin’ out … give us a little time .. Bookmark our site … check back in a bit.

we’re workin on it

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